Teaching of the Centre for Crop Systems Analysis

The Centre for Crop Systems Analysis is involved in teaching several courses as shown below. Additionally you can do an internship or thesis at our department.

Our courses

We are involved in teaching several courses as shown below, at bachelor and master level. We are also involved in courses organised by other chair groups, as you can see in the list below. Our courses cover all aspects of crop ecology and physiology, from fundamental to applied. Several of our courses have modelling components; see the course descriptions for details. 

Courses with CSA course code

Course number Course title
CSA-10306 Crops and Cropping Systems (in English)
CSA-10806 Introduction Quantitative Agroecology (in Dutch)
CSA-20306 Soil-Plant Relations
CSA-20806 Population and Systems Ecology
CSA-21306 Seagriculture: Seaweed Biology and Cultivation
CSA-30306 Advanced Crop Physiology
CSA-30806 Research Methods in Crop Science
CSA-31806 Grassland Science
CSA-32806 Modelling functional diversity in crop production
CSA-33303 Masterclass Organic Agriculture
CSA-34306 Ecological Modelling and Data Analysis in R
CSA-34806 Advanced Agronomy

Other courses with contribution of CSA

Course number Course title
BCT-23806 Principles of Biobased Economy
ENT-30306 Ecological Aspects of Bio-interactions
FQD-21806 Milk in the Dairy Chain
FSE-31806 Agroecology
HPP-21306 Quantitative Aspects of Crop Production
HPP-23806 Crops, Physiology and Environment
HPP-32806 Process- and Data-Driven Modelling in Crop Science
MAT-52306 Advanced data analysis for agricultural research
NEM-10306 Introduction Plant Sciences (in Dutch)
PBR-31306 Bioresources
PEN-10503 Ecology I (in Dutch & English)
PPH-30806 Plant Plasticity and Adaptation
PPS-30806 Analysing Sustainability of Farming Systems
SBL-50806 Agrobiodiversity
WSG-35806 Climate Smart Agriculture
YMC-60809 Academic Consultancy Training

Thesis and research practices

We offer exciting topics in the domains of crop production and agro-ecology. Our research questions are addressed using both state-of-the-art experimental designs as well as innovative modelling approaches. Most topics presented on this page can be done as a master thesis as well as a research Practice. In many cases a BSc thesis is also possible. Please send an e-mail to the contact person mentioned at the topic of your interest for more information.