Education at Farming Systems Ecology

The Farming Systems Ecology group of Wageningen University and Research focuses on the analysis & redesign of farming systems and foodscapes, so that they deliver multiple benefits to humankind, using natural processes as a starting point.

Our vision for education

Our education is guided towards a vision of a world in which all students are inspired, knowledgeable and skilled to proactively and jointly develop foodscapes which are abundant and equitable by enhancing and benefitting from the natural capital of our communities and environments.​

Our mission

Within this context, our mission is to equip our students, as actors in the food system, with the keys to unlock, redesign and transition farming systems by experiencing, analysing and learning from outstanding examples of farms and foodscapes around the world.​

Our principles

  • Diversity of approaches and outcomes, tailored to local conditions;
  • Ecological processed as the basis for the redesign of foodscapes;
  • Equitability and social responsibility;
  • Multifunctionality and synergies;
  • Engagement, collaboration and reflection.

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