MSc research practice at HPP

Even though it is highly recommended for MSc students to gain work experience by doing an internship at a company or institute, students with prior work experience and/or PhD-aspirations may choose to do a MSc research practice instead.

The MSc research practice is a research project under the supervision of a Wageningen University supervisor and differs from a regular thesis in the following way:

  • The research practice has additional learning outcomes related to career preparation and personal development.
  • The research practice has additional assessment criteria related to the above-mentioned additional learning outcomes.

More information about the MSc research practice can be found in the course guide (see documents on the righthand side).

If you are interested in doing a MSc research practice at the Horticulture and Product Physiology (HPP) group, you can browse available topics on the BSc and MSc thesis topics page. Many projects listed as thesis can be adapted to fit a research practice.

Interested in doing a MSc research practice at HPP? Please contact the HPP student coordinator Katharina Hanika.