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Courses of the Laboratory of Genetics

The Laboratory of Genetics contributes to courses in various BSc and MSc study programmes at Wageningen University, including Biology, Plant Sciences, Animal Sciences, Molecular Life Sciences, Biotechnology, and Nutrition and Health. These courses are structured along two main learning lines: mechanistic genetics and evolutionary biology.

Mechanistic genetics

In these courses we focus on the (molecular) causes of genetic and phenotypic variation by studying mechanisms such as transcription and translation, recombination, and genetic editing.

Evolutionary biology

In these courses students learn to understand and study evolutionary mechanisms such as adaptation, genetic drift, and multilevel selection.

  • How is genetic information translated into the phenotype of organisms?
  • Through what molecular mechanisms is genetic variation generated?
  • How can we edit the DNA of organisms, and what can we learn from doing so?
  • Why do organisms behave the way they do?
  • What determines if populations of organisms can successfully adapt to their environment?
  • And can we predict evolutionary trajectories?

Below, an overview is given of all courses that are either coordinated by the Laboratory of Genetics or in which members of the Laboratory of Genetics make a significant contribution. Click on the course names for more information.