Master Internship

Most of the Master students who do a major thesis in the Business Economics Group will also do an internship under supervision of BEC.

An internship can be done at various organizations, governments or firms all over the world, as long as the internship at these institutions is related to the research and education themes of the BEC. Doing an internship is a great way to explore your field of interest.

One major requirement that should be met by the internship provider is that there is guaranteed supervision on an academic level by at least one staff member of the organization.

If you want to discuss the possibilities for internships, please make an appointment with prof. Alfons Oude Lansink (in case you are a MME student) or prof. Henk Hogeveen (in case you are a MFS student) by contacting the secretary (

If you want to read more about the internship procedure, visit our “Business Economics – Thesis, Internship, Research practice” Brightspace. (Use the Discover tab in Brightspace to find us and to enroll yourself.) If you have general questions about doing an internship in the field of Business Economics, you can always contact the education coordinator, dr Monique Mourits (

If you are looking for support in finding an internship please consider the support of Student Career Services WUR (

Are you considering an internship abroad? You could apply for an Erasmus grant. Click here for more information. MME students can get help from Integrand to find an internship. Integrand is a student organisation. Go to their website here.