Research of the Consumption and Healthy Lifestyles Group

The group aims to better understand the drivers of healthy consumption patterns and lifestyles among individuals and groups, and how smartly designed intervention strategies can enable behavior change and promote healthy lifestyles. Particular attention is paid to the research domains of Wageningen University, i.e., food, health and the living environment.

The group takes on a social-ecological perspective towards understanding and fostering healthy consumption and lifestyles, with due attention to individuals, the social groups in which they operate and the environmental factors that may facilitate or hinder behavior change. Intervention design and evaluation addresses social, psychological and technological mechanisms in different contexts (including care and workplace).

The aim is to produce knowledge and insight in two fields of enquiry:

  1. Understanding how health behaviors and healthy lifestyles arise among various groups.
  2. How (food) policies and other interventions can change individual behaviors and consumption to benefit healthy lifestyles.