Theme Group: Inequality, Diversity and Social Change

Theme group description

Addressing inequality, diversity and social change is needed if we want to reduce the social and environmental impacts of our current lifestyles/consumption, combat poverty and food insecurity, and address health inequalities. Critical challenges like climate change and health inequalities are interrelated issues that directly and unevenly affect populations. CHL is committed to fostering equity, diversity and social change within and beyond our group and institution through engagement in and initiation of responsive and innovative research and education practices that recognize, promote, value, and leverage differences between students, staff and stakeholders, therein supporting a shift towards a more inclusive and equal society in which all are able to achieve a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


We (will) do this by:

  • Understanding inequalities in access to healthy, appropriate (e.g. culturally) and sustainable food and lifestyles, as well as understanding diversity in consumption patterns and the ways in which social change can be facilitated.
  • Developing interventions in the food environment that increase access to healthy, appropriate and sustainable food, as well as developing inclusive and tailored lifestyle interventions that match the needs of specific groups and/or heterogeneous populations.
  • Critically reflecting on the inclusiveness of our own work, such as stimulating awareness of who we include in our research, and the discourses and political standpoints we perform and reproduce through our work.