Communication, Philosophy, Technology and Education (CPTE)

The Section CPTE (Communication, Philosophy, Technology and Education) researches transformations in life science domains such as agriculture, climate, and environment, and advances societal engagement with these transformations. It does so from an inclusive, process-oriented, empirical, critical and reflexive perspective.

The section CPTE consists of 4 chair groups

The section raises questions on:

  • how knowledge, technology and innovation develop and are put to use responsibly;
  • how learning for and across stakeholder groups takes place;
  • how communication on life sciences issues looks, how variation can be explained and how it affects opinions, behaviour and policy making processes;
  • how fundamental concepts and ethical issues are framed and negotiated in public and policy processes.

CPTE contributes to transformation towards sustainability through process, learning and innovation (re)design, working across different sectors and disciplines, critical reflection on ethical choices, communication interventions and contributions to public debate. Engagement with societal stakeholders is integral to CPTE’s approach through:

  • reshaping knowledge and innovation processes from the bottom-up;
  • promoting critical reflection in society on values, systems, ethical choices and democracy;
  • providing insights and knowledge that contribute to depolarization processes;
  • facilitating learning;
  • and making change processes more equitable and deliberative.