BSc or MSc Thesis

The thesis is the final element of your study programme. In your BSc or MSc thesis, you demonstrate that you can apply the knowledge and skills acquired in your courses to a concrete environmental-economic problem, that you can formulate a good problem definition and good research questions, that you can answer those research questions in a given amount of time, and that you can communicate your results in a report.


Writing a thesis should also be the most enjoyable part of your programme! Instead of just learning about environmental economics, you finally get to apply all this theory to a concrete topic. Moreover, you decide what your thesis will be about. Should this be climate change? Nature conservation? Water management? Students are expected to come with their own thesis ideas, but we can assist you in further specifying your thesis topic.

If you want to stay up to date of the internship possibilities, please send an e-mail to the secretariat or take a look at the Facebook page of Environmental Economics and Natual Resources.

You can download our Thesis topics brochure for more ideas on possible thesis topics.

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