Education of the Gender Studies Group

In our education we learn students to discover, reflect on, and understand the gendered sides of the world around them. Focus is what they might contribute to achieving more gender equality. They learn to see diversity and inequality in relation to gender in combination with other social dimensions such as class, ethnicity, age and religion.

We offer students from around the world a wide range of educational opportunities that combines fundamental and applied research with innovative education.

Our students learn how to understand and explain the existence and continuity of gender inequality as well as how to achieve more equality, and how they themselves can contribute as future scientists, policymakers or managers. We welcome (international) mid-career students to bring in their experience  for further reflection.

To integrate these insights, students combine course work and supervision in gender studies with any field of their choosing at the university. Some examples include Law and Governance, Land Use Planning, Environmental Economics, Marketing and Consumer Behaviour, Nature Conservation and Plant Ecology, Forestry, and Plant Breeding just to name a few.

As result, we see our post-graduate students working in very diverse and international environments.