Education of KTI

The staff members of KTI coordinate and teach courses at BSc and MSc level. In addition, the Group regularly contributes to the PhD programme of Wageningen School of Social Sciences and offers a range of professional courses, including interdisciplinary research and integrative methodologies.

The KTI Group contributes to the following three-year BSc programmes: International Development Studies; Communication and Life Sciences; International Land and Water Management; Health and Society; and Management and Consumer Studies. We also contribute to the following two-year MSc programmes: International Development Studies; Development and Rural Innovation; Communication, Health and Life Sciences; Management Economics and Consumer Studies; Organic Agriculture.

In our education, we prepare social science and life science students to become professionals with interdisciplinary expertise that contributes to both societal impact and theoretical reflexivity. On the one hand, we train social scientists to engage with the life science domain and to critically intervene in processes of socio-technical innovation and transformation. On the other hand, we also train life science students to incorporate insights from the social sciences and to develop interdisciplinary expertise in the development of responsible science, technology, and innovation.

Representative KTI courses in these directions include “Introduction Communication & Innovation Studies”, “Introduction to Technology, Agroecology and Development”, “Technology, Natural Resources and Development”, “Innovation and Transformation”, “Social Justice, Technology and Development”, “Communicating for Sustainable and Responsible Innovation”, “Facilitating Interactive Processes”, “Intercultural Communication”, “African Philosophy”, “Politics of Knowledge” and “Researching Practices, Innovation and Futures”.

We organise our education in the section Communication, Philosophy and Technology (CPT). CPT offers courses and supervises theses and internships. Our courses, including theses and internships, can be followed separately, or as structured part of various educational programmes. Via this link you can find more information about the various educational programmes, theses and internships to which CPT contributes.