Education of the Law and Governance Group


Our education program has been designed to allow students with a range of backgrounds and ambitions to leave WUR equipped with sufficient understanding of, and skills to operate in, the legal realities related to their professional fields of expertise. This will allow them to act as proficient users of the law and knowledgeable partners for legal actors and institutions.

In order to successfully prepare our students for professional life and make the most of their time at WUR, our teaching incorporates substantive legal material, legal theory, legal skills training, and the application of legal information and skills to cases. In mastering these skills, every opportunity is provided to students to shape their education experience to their own needs. Much of legal practice revolves around questions of interpretation and argumentation. This makes a safe learning environment, where students with different backgrounds and views learn to engage constructively with difficult societal questions, vitally important. Our teaching creates such safe environmental to debate important questions such as the balancing of risk regarding new technologies, appropriate levels of environmental protection, and allocating regulatory burdens in ensure safe food and labour standards.

We offer courses in  Food Law, Environmental Law and Business and Human Rights Sciences to Bachelor and Master students. These courses are part of specific programmes, including:

  • Master's Food Law & Regulatory Affairs (within the MSc Food Safety)
  • Master's Governance of Sustainability Transformations (within the MSc Management, Economics and Consumer Studies)
  • MSc Food Quality
  • MSc Food Technology
  • MSc Plant Biotechnology
  • BSc Management and Consumer Studies
  • BSc Environmental Science
  • BSc Minor Freedom from Hunger

    Education Contacts

    Education coordinator: Chiara Macchi (

    Thesis and Internship coordinator: Simon Tans ( or

    Contact point Master's Food Law and Regulatory Affairs: Mirta Alessandrini (

    Contact point Master's Governance of Sustainability Transformation: Edwin Alblas