Education of the Law and Governance Group

Education of the Law Group

The Law Group offers general academic courses, capita selecta courses, internships, and theses.

Our teaching program introduces students to food law and other branches of law related to food: European Union law, Intellectual Property Rights, international trade law, and human rights. Our courses include: food law; production chains; sustainable development law; international and comparative food law; Chinese law on food and agriculture; food, nutrition and human rights; Intellectual Property Rights; and food law, management and economics. In co-operation with the Institute for Agricultural Law, we also provide students with the opportunity to study environmental law and agricultural law.

We offer courses for both BSc and the MSc study programmes. BSc study programmes include International Development Studies (BIN), Environmental Sciences (BMK), International Land and Water Management (BIL), Management, Economics and Consumer Studies (BBC), Agriculture and Bioresource Engineering (BAT), and Economy and Policy (BEB).

In the MSc study programme, LAW is part of the specialization Communication, Technology and Policy (specialization C) of the MSc program International Development Studies (MID). We also contribute courses to various other specializations.

The Law Group also supports and supervises PhD projects. For more information contact the education coordinators.

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Master Food Safety

The MSc programme Food Safety offers a specialisation in Food Law & Regulatory Affairs. This specialisation will also be open to students with a law degree. The programme will consist of two different paths of study: one for students with law background and one for students with other (food) background.

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