Education at the Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Group

Both marketing and consumer behaviour have distinct disciplinary backgrounds, yet we perceive business and consumer studies as interconnected aspects. At MCB, we merge two perspectives on sustainability: consumer behaviour and business, integrating them into both our educational curriculum and research endeavours. With such an interdisciplinary background, we are in a unique position to introduce an interdisciplinary approach to our students. We believe that such an interdisciplinary approach is required to solve the grand sustainability challenges related to the environmental, societal, and economic environment.

Our education is rooted in social psychology, sociology, economics, and marketing science. We incorporate fundamental marketing literature, recent advancements in the field, and our most current research findings into our teaching. It is crucial for us to establish connections between students and the foundational theories, the latest developments, and our ongoing research. For instance, we supervise numerous BSc and MSc theses that align with our research, often leading to scientific contributions such as publications or newsletters. Our internship opportunities attract the interest of prominent multinational food and agribusiness companies, as well as organizations focused on sustainability leadership.

Our courses

We offer a range of courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These courses cover topics such as consumer behaviour, marketing research, marketing strategy, branding, social marketing, and digital marketing. Students gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in understanding and influencing consumer behaviour.

MCB courses
Course code Course title
MCB10806 Social Psychology
MCB12806 Introduction to Business and Consumer studies
MCB20806 Principles of Consumer Studies
MCB30306 Consumer Behaviour: Concepts and Research Methods
MCB30806 Sensory Perception and Consumer Preference
MCB32306 Applied Consumer Studies
MCB32806 Advanced Sensory Methods and Sensometrics
MCB33306 Integrated Sensory Science
MCB50306 Sustainable Marketing
MCB51403 Commodity Futures & Options Markets
MCB52806 Digital Food Marketing

About our courses

In the BBC program, we provide students with the opportunity to explore marketing in its traditional practice while empowering them to become catalysts for change in the realm of food and sustainability. Within the master programs, MCB plays a significant role in the Sustainable Business and Innovation and Consumer Studies programs. Additionally, we contribute to various courses beyond the social sciences, encompassing animal science, plant science, and food science. As a collective, we not only engage in our own courses but also find it valuable to contribute to the broader educational program at WUR.