Consumer behaviour

Different target groups have different needs. The elderly want different products than young people, but why is that? And what exactly do they want? Wageningen University & Research carries out research into several aspects of consumer behaviour: what are the needs of the different target groups, what factors determine buying and eating behaviour and what are ways to change that behaviour? This dossier provides an overview of research into consumer behaviour at Wageningen University & Research.

Insight into nutritional and eating behaviour

Wageningen University & Research helps with insight into the purchasing behaviour of (individual) consumers of food and the eating behaviour. Which factors determine this and how can we change it?

Research into behavioural change: living labs

People do not always make rational economic choices. Social norms and emotions also play a role in behaviour. For example, if consumers see that other customers buy many healthy items, they will do so themselves. Wageningen University & Research is conducting real-life research into this within the WUR living lab.

European Research Infrastructure

Much research is being done across Europe on behaviour, nutrition and health. How can we link this together? That is why within the FNH-RI network we work together with different partners and in different projects on a virtual environment in which we can merge, harmonise, validate, compare and connect research information and data.

Consumer behaviour database

We have also built up a database on consumer behaviour from the many consumer surveys that we conduct and that we feed through our own developed game that generates consumer data: FoodProfiler.