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Diagnostics: Dog and cat

Wageningen Bioveterinary Research (WBVR) carries out diagnostics on dogs and cats. Tests are carried out on sick animals, as well as for export purposes.

We test for various diseases, such as rabies (including titer testing) and brucella canis.

1. Complete the order form

If you have samples for testing, please complete the form below. Print and sign it, and include it with your samples.

Need diagnostic work for multiple samples? Check if pre-registration is needed. This will avoid any unnecessary delays in the diagnostic work.

Order form diagnostics

Order form rabies serology (titer testing)

Titer test: test if your dog or cat is protected against rabies

Want to take a dog or cat with you on you travels? When going abroad, it is usually necessary for a cat or dog to be vaccinated against rabies. Sometimes a titer test is also needed before departure, to show that antibodies have been formed after vaccination. Ask the vet and/or the embassy of the country you are travelling to for advice on this matter.

In the Netherlands, Wageningen Bioveterinary Research is officially recognised as EU laboratory that performs the titer test. This test determines the amount of antibodies in the blood (the titre). It shows whether the vaccination has been successful, i.e. whether the dog or cat is sufficiently protected against rabies. This test is called 'rabies serology'.

Bringing your pet to the UK

The rules for bringing a dog or cat to the UK and vice versa have not changed after Brexit

Read more about the rules of the British government

2. Send in the samples

Add the completed order form to the samples and send them in or drop them off.

3. Track your submission

You can use MyBVR to track your submission and see any partial or full results. Log in below using your customer number.