Pre-register for diagnostics

For sending in large amounts of samples to Wageningen Bioveterinary Research (WBVR) for diagnostics, pre-registration may be needed. View the table below to see if pre-registration is needed, and fill in the form to prevent unnecessary delay in the testing of such an entry.

Fish diseases: other point of contact

Diagnostics on live (or fresh) fish is done by appointment only with our fish and shellfish diseases laboratory. This avoids unnecessary delays in testing.

When is pre-registration needed?

In most cases a prior notice is needed from 50 samples. The table below also lists different rules, and differences between individual or pooled tests. Finally, we list the minimum number of working days required between the pre-registration and the arrival of samples at our laboratory.

Pathogen Article number Type of test Individual test Pooled test Before arrival of samples
From number of samples From number of samples: Min. number of working days
General All 50 50 3
All bacteria (except CEM and botulism) Isolation 10 5
Avian influenza* AI02, AI18 Isolation 5 20 14
Avian influenza* AI11 HAR (HI) 50 5
Newcastle disease* NCD02, NCD07 Isolation 2 20 14
Equine arteritis virus EAV02 Isolation 6 5
Leptospira ballum/ australis/ saxkoebing LBL01, LAS01, LSX01 MAT 1 3
Giardia cysts GIC02 10 4
Coccidia oocysts COC02 10 4
Porcine respiratory coronavirus PRC02 ELISA-titre 12 14

*If the material for avian influenza or Newcastle disease is not received by WBVR on the arrival date stated, we will charge a preparatory expenses fee. View our rates list for the costs for isolations (AI/ND) and costs for HAR (AI/ND).

Pre-registration form

Fill in this form and let us know when your samples will arrive at our lab.


If applicable

Date and expected time of arrival of the samples:

For samples received after 12:00, the processing time will start on the next business day

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