Pre-register for diagnostics

Please notify Wageningen Bioveterinary Research (WBVR) for diagnostics on 50 or more samples. This prevents unnecessary delay in the testing of such an entry.

Different rules apply to registration for Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease virus isolation - click on this fold-out

A prior notice of at least two weeks applies for sending in larger quantities of samples for Avian Influenza virus isolation (AI-VI) and Newcastle Disease virus isolation (ND-VI).

Prior notification is important if you:

  • send in 20 or more samples for pooled investigation
  • send in 5 or more samples for individual investigation

Fee for samples not received

If WBVR does not receive the material on the date stated, we have no choice but to charge a fee to the registering body. This fee amounts to € 7.00 in preparatory expenses for each sample not received.

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Date and expected time of arrival of the samples:

For samples received after 12:00, the processing time will start on the next business day

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