Green Climate Solutions

Green Climate Solutions

We can no longer ignore the fact that the world's climate is becoming more unpredictable and more extreme. As water levels rise, the risk of flooding looms large. At the same time, periods of drought are becoming longer and more frequent. Yet, our most precious resource – our planet's biosphere – is not only under threat. It is also the source of many of our solutions. In the Green Climate Solutions programme, researchers and academics jointly apply their understanding of nature and natural processes to address the challenges of climate change.

Cooperate with us for Green Climate Solutions

Wageningen Environmental Research develops user-driven solutions to climate challenges for policymakers, local authorities, the financial and agricultural sectors, and rural and urban planners. Our climate services experts provide the information needed for long-term strategic planning and to build business models for the transition to sustainable, low-carbon economies.

Wageningen Environmental Research is constantly working on ways to make agriculture more climate-smart. We assist governments, agencies and farmer groups to identify and implement solutions so they can improve water availability and optimise water allocation and saving practices. We offer urban planners tools to design sustainable water management strategies, so that cities become safe, healthy and pleasant places to live. And as governments widen the search for low-carbon energy sources to mitigate climate change, we devise creative solutions.

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