Meten van kwaliteit na de oogst

Data Technology and Artificial Intelligence in Agrifood

From harvest times to in-transport temperatures, the supply chain offers a wealth of data that can be used to increase yields and optimise product quality. Together with Wageningen University & Research, IT companies and machine builders can develop and improve data management tools, software and machines that ensure agrifood companies always make the best possible decisions about markets, storage times and transport conditions.

Decision-support systems

Do supply chain conditions tell us something about quality defects? How best to integrate growing and distribution data to predict quality? Which market offers the best price for strawberries of a certain quality? IT advances and new quality-assessment approaches are delivering vast amounts of data to the agrifood industry. Wageningen experts advise clients through the acquisition, organisation and analysis of data, and develop proofs of principles and prototypes for intelligent decision-support software that links post-harvest insights to business processes. Support tools include both low-level solutions, such as automatic recognition of brown spots on apples, and high-level solutions that allow automatic discovery of patterns in data gathered during production, storage and supply. The latter allows for identification of, for example, previously unknown production and storage factors that affect fruit sweetness and/or ripeness.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

For over eighty years, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research has been studying the science of measuring quality and extending the shelf life of fresh produce. Working from a unique multidisciplinary approach, our experts share a deep understanding of post-harvest technology, sensing techniques, supply-chain management and data sciences. They have an unparalleled ability to link fundamental learning with practical insight and speak the language of the agrifood industry and IT. Knowing precisely what data is needed - and where to collect it - and defining client’s research questions are key qualities. Wageningen is renowned for applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to agrifood. Software prototypes are developed in collaboration with IT companies, machine builders and agrifood businesses in an iterative process, hand-in-hand with the client, delivering highly-tailored tools and solutions.

Quality prediction

Marvin™ Technologies and the AI colour inspector are advanced platforms to predict postharvest quality of perishables, developed by Wageningen Food & Biobased Research. These platforms also provide data as input for decision support tools: key management tools developed in public-private partnerships like GreenCHAINge, High Tech to Feed The World and Fresh On Demand.

The Dutch ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Fisheries (LNV)-funded Sensor Potential research project explores opportunities for new non-destructive sensor technologies for quality measurement at the product level.

The Trusted Source project is investigating how to facilitate consumer access to data on food products and raw materials.

Want to know more?

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