waarde halen uit rest- en zijstromen

Total Use Biomass Valorisation

Biomass can contain an enormous value. Organic side and waste streams such as tomato stems and leafs, brewers spent grain, rice husk, potato peels, fruit pomace but also roadside grass, seaweed, water treatment sludge and prunings are known to be source of scarce (and valuable) components like proteins, biostimulants and lignin. These natural resources often provide specific functionalities which can be used as basis for new product applications.

These sustainable resources play a major part in replacing fossil resources for our chemicals, materials and everyday products, but are also used in food and feed products

How do you know what your biomass consists of and how to valorize this, turning your residuals into revenue?

Turning residuals into revenue

At Wageningen Food & Biobased Research (WFBR) we help companies all over the world to determine what is in their biomass and how to use that for valuable applications. First we analyze the composition and characteristics of the side stream (or waste), we then identify valorization opportunities and help design an effective process towards a total use of biomass for various profitable applications.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art facilities and over 30 years of experience in valorizing (organic) materials, we are able to help your organization to create value with currently underutilized natural resources.

Unique expertise and facilities

With 300 experts WFBR is leader in finding opportunities for valorisation of biobased feedstocks and side streams.


  1. Offers you information on your feedstock or side stream such as composition, characteristics, and valorisation options.
  2. Describes total-use biorefinery and bioconversion scenarios.
  3. Performs inventory studies and offer advice based on analysis and experimental research.

We do this with a unique range of lab and pilot equipment for analysis, biorefining, processing, fermentation, conversion, material production and material testing at the Biobased Products Innovation Plant. Think of biomass carbohydrate composition, protein in plant leaves and complex labelled polysaccharides. We cover the whole value chain from raw biomass to material production at lab and pilot scale.

Return on investment

Analysis and characterization of the streams, including a first advice on possible valorisation of your material, requires a relatively small investment. For Dutch SME’s, RVO vouchers for can often be used to finance a large part of this service.

  • Flavour from asparagus residues
  • Chitosan from fungal residues
  • Protein from microbial biomass
  • Biostimulants from algae
  • Insect feed from household wastes
  • Anti-oxidants from grape seeds
  • Lignin binder from spent coffee grounds

More information

As experts in characterisation, biorefinery and bioconversion of biomass we support companies turning circular ambitions into affordable transitions and profitable business opportunities. If you would like to know more or discuss your opportunities, please contact us.