National Monitoring Network Radioactivity in Food

Since 1965, the presence of radioactivity in milk, grass and water has been checked in the Netherlands. This is done partly in the laboratory of Wageningen Food Safety Research, and partly with the National Monitoring Network for Radioactivity in Food (LMRV), of which Wageningen Food Safety Research is the manager.

45 measuring instruments

This network currently consists of approximately 45 measurement instruments to detect gamma emitters, so-called food monitors, which are distributed throughout the Netherlands at companies (mainly dairies) and institutions. Companies that participate in the LMRV can also carry out the food monitor's own measurements for control and export certification purposes. Wageningen Food Safety Research takes care of the maintenance of the food monitors, support in the event of malfunctions, interpretation of the measurement data and training of the employees at the locations.

New partners

Wageningen Food Safety Research strives for the best possible national coverage of this network, so new partners are always welcome. If you are interested in this, please contact the project leader.