Analytical services

The European Union Reference Laboratory (EURL) offers four types of analytical services.

  1. Residue analysis: Specific tests require specialised analytical methods. For laboratories that do not have access to such methods, EURL can run many of these tests.
  2. Confirmatory analysis: Often, unexpected or even conflicting results require second confirmatory analysis by an independent party. EURL has the expertise and facilities to carry out confirmatory analyses. EURL is frequently asked to fulfil this role of arbitrator.
  3. Dissemination of analytical methods: All methods developed by EURL are available on our web shop to EU Member States and Candidate Member States.
  4. Proficiency tests and reference materials bank: EURL has a task in monitoring quality of European laboratories by organising proficiency tests. For an NRL or other governmental laboratory wishing to control its own quality or to calibrate equipment, EURL has a bank of reference materials obtainable via the EURL Residues web shop page.