Safe food production

Safe food production is one of the research themes of Wageningen Food Safety Research (WFSR). That is why we at WFSR focus on the identification, early identification and evaluation of chemical contaminants and pathogenic bacteria and viruses in animal feed chains and food production chains. We also concentrate on preventing and controlling this. These are the main topics we are working on:

Risk-based monitoring

In this research, we review which food safety hazards, products and regions must be monitored and how we can improve this monitoring. As part of this, we identify the most important hazards in the numerous production chains and in which these regions these hazards occur more frequently.

Early identification of known and emerging hazards

We are developing early warning systems to identify food safety hazards in a timely manner. This development is based on the use and combination of datasets and modelling. We also use big data and machine learning to identify new dangers in the food production chain.

Safety of new ingredients

There is a growing interest in future foods such as insects, seaweed and algae. In this research, we assess the safety of such new types of food and animal feed. For most projects, we perform experiments to investigate contaminants in insects and seaweed.

Prevention and control

Lastly, we focus on strategies to prevent and control food safety hazards in food and animal feed production chains.

More about safe food production

Factors that influence the presence of toxins in crops
Factors that influence the presence of toxins in crops

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