Ecological monitoring and data

Ecological monitoring and data

Since the 1970s, Wageningen Marine Research has gathered data on the Wadden Sea, the Dutch delta, the North Sea and national freshwaters in the Netherlands (IJsselmeer and Markermeer, major rivers), the Antarctic and, since recently, the Caribbean. These extensive data sets for, among others, fish species, fauna in and on the seabed, salt marshes, mussel beds, birds, sea mammals and coral reefs are unique assets of Wageningen Marine Research.

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The data are usually gathered within long-running monitoring projects, which means the methodology for the species or group remains constant over time, allowing for comparison between different years.

Statutory Research Tasks

Wageningen Marine Research carries out various Statutory Research Tasks (SRTs) commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.


Our monitoring data are used, for example, to estimate fish and shellfish populations, to determine the development of the seal population and to gain insight into the biodiversity and the dynamics of species and ecosystems.

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