Online Master's Plant Breeding

Discover the power of Plant Breeding with our Online Master's program. Create new plant varieties for food, feed, and industry. Meet demands for yield, disease resistance, quality traits, and sustainability. Explore molecular to population-level aspects.

Gain knowledge in plant physiology, ecology, and genetics. Utilise molecular techniques for rapid gene identification and marker-assisted breeding. Register now for our Plant Breeding course.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

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Programme Plant Breeding

This online master's specialisation is designed as a part-time study. The approximate workload is 20 hours per week, allowing the student to combine work and research. The programme is therefore also suitable for employees who want to continue their education in life-long learning.

The program includes a 2-year part-time course. Afterwards, you will engage in a tailored internship and master's thesis agreement, ranging from 1 to 2 years.

Looking for more flexible options? The Online Master's Courses in Plant Breeding provide a convenient and flexible way to participate in predefined course series.

Student experience

Read about the experiences of some of the students of the online master's programme Plant Breeding.

The programme offers an excellent opportunity to combine life-long learning and work. I am glad that I have found this programme.
Christina Kothes
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The best thing for me is that I realise how I can connect the knowledge from my studies with my practical work.
Mia Fehr

Future career

With a specialisation in Plant Breeding, graduates from our Online Master's program in Plant Sciences unlock exceptional career prospects. Many receive enticing job offers even before completing their studies. These university-trained professionals contribute significantly to the sustainable development of plant production across various integration levels.

Our graduates with a research focus find rewarding positions at universities, research institutes, and renowned plant breeding or agribusiness companies. Additionally, diverse opportunities await in management, policy, consultancy, and communication within agribusiness and governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Practical information

Application and admission

You need to meet specific admission criteria if you want to apply.

Tuition fees

The programme’s tuition fees depend on your nationality. EU students pay the statutory tuition fees just like the University’s on-campus students. Non-EU students get a 50% reduction of the regular on-campus tuition fees for Non-EU/EFTA students outside Europe.

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Looking for more flexible learning options?

The Online Master's Courses in Plant Breeding provide a convenient and flexible way to participate in predefined course series. Without committing to a full Master's programme. Each course series consists of two online courses which will provide you with in-depth knowledge of a specific area of plant breeding.

Check out the requirements and register for this programme.