Rooting Media Analysis and Growing System Design

Wageningen University & Research Greenhouse Horticulture offers services focused on Rooting Media and Plant Nutrition. Stepped test programs provide control over costs and result in coherent technical documentation.


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Growing Systems

Why is not each crop grown on substrate or water culture? Wageningen University & Research Greenhouse Horticulture systemized the collaboration between specialists in plant diseases, climate, construction, economics of scale and plant physiology into a program for defining new growing systems and fast and simple tests to fill in the related knowledge gaps.

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Lab Tests and Modelling

Many Dutch, European and International Norms have been developed by Wageningen University & Research Greenhouse Horticulture. Thus the physical laboratory can come up with new or adapted methods fast. We also systemize the results of these tests by making models for a wide range of topics. So you can predict outcomes without expensive and time consuming testing.

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Information on individual tests

Product Modification

For companies planning to introduce new or improved substrates, we offer a tightly structured program of testing materials in laboratory and greenhouse environments. This includes step wise testing and benchmarking but can also extend into the market to find partners and start market communication.

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