At Omnia, you can have your event catered your way. We have plenty vegetarian, vegan and meat-based options in our banqueting map. A versatile banqueting list is available to support your conference. We can also adjust the catering to your event. Do you have something in mind? Let us know! We would love to explore other options with you.

Catering by Hutten

Omnia and caterer Hutten have similar ambitions when it comes to sustainability. They work on the menu every day, including adapting it to local produce. We work with the EAT-Lancet concept. This means that we replace a large percentage of the animal proteins in our menu with plant-based proteins. As a result, a large part of our assortment is vegetarian of vegan. A fibre-rich diet is an essential part of the EAT-Lancet concept, so we only use bread types that are high in fibre, such as wholemeal and multigrain bread.

Curious about Hutten? Check out their website