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Learning Ecosystem Wageningen: Creating Wageningen’s Neighborhoods of the Future

How can we build future-oriented neighbourhoods in Wageningen, where residents are happy to live, work, and move, while also addressing the complexity of societal issues? Society Based Education (SBE) is part of a learning ecosystem dedicated to finding answers to these questions, in a process of co-creation of Wageningen’s Neighbourhoods of the Future.

WUR is collaborating in a 3-year grant trajectory that runs from May 2023 until April 2026, with the municipality of Wageningen, the bblthk (public library), Impact organisation Thuis, and the Food Valley Region. We are working together to establish a learning ecosystem where you can collaborate and learn from societal challenges within the city and its region - whether you're a student, teacher, resident, community partner, or a Wageningen-based business.

Within WUR, different teams are collaborating to create this learning ecosystem: SBE, the Science Shop, Citizen Science Hub, and WUR researchers and teachers who are conducting research locally and/or using local real-life cases in their teaching practices.

Neighbourhoods of the Future

As a collective, we will work programmatically on the theme 'Neighbourhoods of the Future' by bringing people together to co-design tomorrow’s neighbourhoods in Wageningen and its region. We want to foster long-term collaborations and involve a diverse array of stakeholders to tackle the theme from different perspectives.

Are you curious about what is happening in the different neighborhoods in Wageningen? We have created a map showing carious projects in Wageningen to which different partners, such as students, researchers, teachers, residents and organizations have contributed. The map is certainly not complete, but it gives an idea of the variety of projects. If a project is missing of which you think it should be on the map, please let us know.

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Become a part of the learning ecosystem

Do you want to be a part of the learning ecosystem of Wageningen? There are different ways in which you can become involved:

For Wageningers

Do you have questions or unsolved challenges related to the topic Neighborhoods of the Future in Wageningen (or surroundings)? Would you like to collaborate with WUR students?

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For WUR teachers

You could find local real-life cases to enrich your course, motivating students while creating impact!

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For WUR researchers

Are you conducting research in Wageningen and surroundings? You can find synergies by getting involved.

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About the project: City Deal Kennis Maken

This 3-year project is financially supported by City Deal Kennis Maken, a nationwide initiative to accelerate solving societal challenges in cities by involving researchers, teachers, and students on a large scale. This initiative gives substance to the ‘Stadsagenda, which is an agreement of intent between the municipality of Wageningen and WUR to collaborate more intensively in and for the city. Learn more about City Deal Kennis Maken on their website.