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Why collaborate?

Society Based Education (SBE) facilitates collaborations between organisations and students at Wageningen University & Research (WUR). Working together with students provides several benefits to you and your organisation:

Innovative problem solving

Students bring fresh perspectives to the table. Their creativity and up-to-date knowledge can bring ideas and solutions that might not have been considered within your team.

Real-life applications

The students’ work is not just theoretical, it is intended to fit real-world challenges in your field of expertise. Often you receive useful recommendations that can swiftly be put into practice.

Connection to future professionals

Through collaborations with students, you are able to show your organisation’s activities and connect to potential future employees. Motivated students often follow up through internships or job applications.

Learning together

Not only do students learn and develop during the collaboration, but your employees benefit from a dynamic learning environment that includes students from different (cultural) backgrounds, expertise, and ages. Find more information on how these collaborations contribute to the future of education.

Social impact

Think global, act local: your collaboration can contribute to solving broader societal challenges while developing concrete applications for your organisation.

Cost-effective access to research

Collaborations with students are budget-friendly. Depending on the course, they’re either free or only involve the reimbursement of costs the students make for the project (i.e. travel or printing costs).


Collaborating with students can be an inspiring experience for all those involved. Check out some examples of student projects.