Society Based Education

Do you have an innovative idea, a question, or an unsolved problem that you are unable to get round to? Working with students could be the solution. Society Based Education (SBE) connects society and education at WUR by translating real questions into research projects that students of the university work on within their courses.

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The world is full of interesting questions and innovative ideas. Connecting these to students generates a win-win situation. You as an organisation will get more information to take new steps and you can already meet potential new employees. The students will become more motivated to work on these societal projects and they can put their recently gained knowledge immediately into practice. Let’s build these connections.

Who can submit a question?

We aim to get students into contact with their future field of work. This means that questions from all sorts of businesses and organisations are welcome. Common collaborators are municipalities and governments, NGO's and other non-profits, multinationals, start-ups, knowledge institutes, etc.

What is required from the organisation?

  • Time available during the project
  • Resources, such as background information or contacts
  • Small budget (for some courses)
  • Curiosity and a learning attitude

What can you expect?

When you submit a question or assignment, we set up a meeting to get to know you and your work, and to understand your needs. Depending on the type of question, we try to match it with a course offered at WUR. When a match has been found, we fine-tune the research questions with you and write a project proposal that students can take up when the course starts.

Your assignment does not need to be very elaborate: our job is to help you translate a problem into a research assignment!