dr. PM (Marijn) Poortvliet

dr. PM (Marijn) Poortvliet

Associate Professor Risk Communication

I am a behavioral scientist and I am interested in communication, behavior change, and social aspects of motivation. One line of research deals with risk communication. My main focus is on the role that psychological processes play such as perceived uncertainty, trust and individual motivations when different parties perceive risks, deal with, and communicate about risks.

Secondly, I study the interaction between humans and technology. What (psychological) factors promote the adoption of technologies? How can interventions contribute to quality of life, healthier living, and good practices?

Finally, I explore the interpersonal effects of achievement motivation by focusing on crucially important psychological processes like cooperative orientations, exploitative behavior, reciprocity, information exchange behaviors, perceptions of justice, and perspective taking.

My research shows that focusing on such social dynamics provides a deeper comprehension of achievement motivation, and it may also provide important insights in how individuals perform on and are engaged in tasks.