HappyHier: hoe gelukkig is men waar? : Gegevensverzameling en bepaling van de invloed van het type grondgebruik, deel I

Vries, S. de; Nieuwenhuizen, W.; Farjon, J.M.J.; Kuijten, L.; Wielen, I. van der; Och, R. van; Vliet, A.J.H. van; Schuiling, R.; Meeuwsen, H.A.M.


This study set out to measure what influence the type of environment has on how happy people say they feel at a certain moment in time, with the aim of formulating rules for quantifying the effect of spatial changes on wellbeing. A smartphone app was developed for use by a broad sample population in the Netherlands, with push notifications prompting people to report how they felt at a certain moment. From 1 May to 28 July of 2016, 4318 unique participants made use of this HappyHier app, filling in at least one questionnaire on location. The results show that people are happier outdoors than indoors. And when they are outdoors, they are happier in predominantly natural surroundings than in more built-up areas. Moreover, from the ratings given to the surroundings, it can be concluded that they have a more positive effect when the participants found them more restful or stimulating. People’s impressions of the beauty of their surroundings had less influence