Effect of nutritional interventions with quercetin, oat hulls, β-glucans, lysozyme, and fish oil on immune competence related parameters of adult broiler

Krimpen, M.M. van; Torki, M.; Schokker, D.; Lensing, M.; Vastenhouw, S.; Bree, F.M. de; Bossers, A.; Bruijn, N. de; Jansman, A.J.M.; Rebel, J.M.J.; Smits, M.A.


The purpose of this experiment was to evaluate the effects of five nutritional interventions, provided during d 14 – 28, including inclusion of a plant extract (quercetin); an insoluble fiber (oat hulls); a prebiotic (β- glucan); an anti-microbial protein (lysozyme), and ω-3 fatty acids from fish oil, on growth performance, composition of the intestinal microbiota, and morphology and gene expression of small intestine of broilers. Despite the different types of interventions, parameters related to immune competence were only marginally affected by the tested products. It seemed that in this study inclusion of oat hulls, and probably β-glucans, had perspective to improve immune competence. It is recommended to revaluate some of the tested interventions, especially dietary inclusion of oat hulls and β-glucans, in broilers starting from day-old onward.