High-throughput sequencing technologies for plant pest diagnosis: challenges and opportunities

Olmos, A.; Boonham, N.; Candresse, T.; Gentit, P.; Giovani, B.; Kutnjak, D.; Liefting, L.; Maree, H.J.; Minafra, A.; Moreira, A.; Nakhla, M.K.; Petter, F.; Ravnikar, M.; Rodoni, B.C.; Roenhorst, J.W.; Rott, M.; Ruiz-Garcia, A.B.; Santala, J.; Stancanelli, G.; Vlugt, R.A.A. van der; Varveri, C.; Westenberg, M.; Wetzel, T.; Ziebell, H.; Massart, S.


High‐throughput sequencing (HTS) technologies have revolutionized plant pest research and are now raising interest for plant pest diagnostics, with plant virus diagnostics at the forefront of development. However, the application of HTS in plant pest diagnostics raises important challenges that plant health regulators will have to address. Adapted infrastructures, technical guidelines and training are pivotal for further use and adoption of the HTS technologies in the phytosanitary framework.