Beoordeling mogelijke PAS maatregelen: plausibiliteit van werking AgriMestMix systeem

Ogink, N.W.M.; Melse, R.W.M.


In this report an evaluation is given of the plausibility of the effectiveness of the AgriMestMix system as possible measure to reduce the ammonia emission from animalhouseswith manure storage below slatted floors. The measure is based on daily spraying of a mixture of minerals and bacteria on the manure surface in the manure pit, according to the supplier. Based on the available information it is concluded that insufficient evidence is available to conclude that the use of the AgriMestMix additives will lead to a reduction of the ammonia emission from an animal house. The evaluation was carried out by Wageningen Livestock Research, Netherlands, and commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Netherlands