Time to integrate biotechnological approaches into fish gut microbiome research

Luna, Gian Marco; Quero, Grazia Marina; Kokou, Fotini; Kormas, Konstantinos


Like for other vertebrates, the fish microbiome is critical to the health of its host and has complex and dynamic interactions with the surrounding environment. Thus, the study of the fish microbiome can benefit from the new prospects gained by innovative biotechnological applications in human and other animals, that include manipulation of the associated microbial communities (to improve the health, productivity, and sustainability of fish production), in vitro gut simulators, synthetic microbial communities, and others. Here, we summarize the current state of knowledge on such biotechnological approaches to better understand and engineer the fish microbiome, as well as to advance our knowledge on host–microbes interactions. A particular focus is given to the most recent strategies for fish microbiome manipulation to improve fish health, food safety and environmental sustainability.