Afternoon Plenary: Connecting the Dots

Issues raised in the morning and break-out sessions were brought together in the afternoon plenary, 'Connecting the Dots', with Dr Ian Christoplos (DIIS), Dr Dirk-Jan Koch (Search for Common Ground), and Dr Winnie Wairimu (IS Academy). Dorothea Hilhorst and Gemma van der Haar (both WUR/IS Academy) moderated the session.

The panel was asked to give their take on the themes raised during the day. Insights were shared on motivation for development work and the role of aid in corruption.

The relation between policy and research generated most interest, both from panelists and from the audience. Questions were raised about whether research should follow policy or policy should follow research. Suggestions were made about the flexibility of research timelines and norms of reporting in order to facilitate better adoption of research by policy-makers. At the same time full research reports were defended in the context of complex ‘wicked problems’.

The session was brought to a close after a question was raised about the learning experience of the Ministry during the IS Academy process, which formed a bridge to the closing address by Joost Andriessen from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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