Thesis subject

Effects of statins on exercise performance

Cholesterol-lowering statins are prescribed to patients with high cholesterol levels and are known to reduce the cardiovascular events with 30%. Besides statins, physical exercise is advised for dyslipidemic patients. In fact, it is suggested that statin treatment along with a moderate to high physical fitness level provides additional protection against premature cardiovascular death. However, adopting or maintaining a physically active lifestyle is often not feasible for statin users, as 26% experiences muscle toxicity as adverse effect of statins. The practice of physical exercise on top of statin treatment is even thought to blunt the aerobic training response, and exacerbate the muscle complaints.

Relevant questions: What is the evidence for a diminished exercise performance and aerobic training response in myopathic statin users? Is there a relationship between exercise performance and muscle complaints in myopathic statin users? What are possible mechanisms that are likely to contribute to the lack of a training response?

Aim: Define a specific research question related to one or more of the questions above. Write a logically structured report based on literature research question, focusing mechanisms involved. Conclude and propose an experiment that brings this research on step further.