Lost in Transition

Common feelings when studying abroad

This is a 3-day workshop aimed at creating the space and opportunity to share common feelings that students experience when they decide to study far away from their home. No matter how far you have travelled to get here, you can sometimes feel lonely, homesick, or overwhelmed by the educational shock that represents a new system.

In this workshop we will explain what these processes are, from a psychological perspective, and share tools that students can use to get through loneliness, homesickness and educational shock. This is a safe space to share, learn and be present and aware of your own experience. We will practice Mindfulness oriented exercises and you will be able to have audio and written materials to practice on your own.

The sessions will take place on 19 and 26 march and 2 April from 19:00h to 21:30h. Participation in the sessions requires a small fee of €15, which is for the 3 sessions and "The little book of self care" by Susan Reading.

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Workshop: Lost in Transition

Course fee: € 15,-
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