New Employees

Name: Fasil Getachew Kebede
PhD candidate, in combination with International Livestock Research Institute in Ethiopia
Harnessing chicken genetic diversity & genomic tools to enhance productivity & adaptation in Africa
15-04-2018 till 15-04-2022

Name: Thinh Tuan Chu
PhD candidate, in combination with Aarhus University in Denmark
Project: GxE interaction in poultry breeding program
01-05-2018 till 31-03-2019

Name: Renzo Bonifazi
Position: PhD candidate
Project: International Genetic/Genomics Evaluations of Beef Cattle
Period: 01-05-2018 till 01-05-2022

Name: Priadi Setyawan
PhD candidate, in combination with the Research Institute for Fish Breeding in Indonesia
Development of an improved breeding scheme to increase salinity tolerance in tilapia
Period: 01-06-2018 till 01-06-2022

Name: Şeyda Özkan-Gülzari
Position: Researcher in the Focus Group International
Project: Several projects aiming to improve farming practice in Africa and Asia
Period: 11-06-2018 till 01-06-2020

Name: Pamela Otto
Position: Visiting PhD candidate from Federal University of Viçosa in Brazil
Project: Genomic and post-genomic analyses in crossbred dairy cattle: The Girolando breed
Period: 21-06-2018 till 14-12-2018