Staff Publications and We@WUR

How to manage your Wageningen UR publications in We@WUR?

Staff Publications

The database Staff Publications contains references to publications authored by Wageningen University staff. All types of output that is affiliated with Wageningen UR can be registered in this system. You can deliver your output to the person at your department or chair group that is responsible for registration in the system. If possible deliver a complete digital version.

Your publication overview in Staff Publications is linked to your We@WUR profile and also shown at your personal web page on the Wageningen UR website. Please check if all your publications, affiliated with Wageningen UR, are present in Staff Publications. If you don’t have more than one ID in Metis you could download the instruction.


It is possible to add various author IDs (e.g. ORCID, ScopusID, AuthorID) to your We@WUR profile. By doing this you can create a complete publication profile on your personal web page. These pages are well indexed by Google and are therefore a perfect way to increase your online visibility. Please, download the instruction to manage publications lists, IDs and social media accounts on your We@WUR profile.