FASE: Marta & Kim

We open our festival with a very special performance: FASE by artists and performers Marta & Kim. In FASE three human beings move as one constantly changing organism. Strong through their connection, but at the same time fragile. A system that moves infinitely, rising to break down again. Through circus and dance the performers are building, turning and whirling around each other.

What does it mean to be a part of something? How do we exist together as human beings? For a momen we all become a part of the performance FASE. A memory that we facilitate and maintain only for as long as it matters.

Location: Starts from Impulse Terrace

Time: 12:30-13:45 hrs and 18:10-18:50hrs

About Marta and Kim

Marta and Kim are a Dutch/Norwegian duo, combining circus and dance into their performances. They are interested in human connection, which is the base for their partnering work. Body language is cultural, but also highly universal. Coming from different backgrounds allows them to see what they do through a different lens and search for universal meaning. Marta and Kim search for simple physical metaphors and elaborate within them, creating accessible images with a sense of detail. Playing with seemingly impossible figures that speak to the imagination, while staying in touch with the fragility of being human.

Marta Alstadsæter (NO, 1990) and Kim-Jomi Fischer (NL, 1985) are working together as performers and makers since 2016. Kim is educated as a dancer at Codarts University for the Arts. Since 2011 he has been performing with various companies (DV8, Ann vd Broek, Ivan Perez, Panama Pictures, Arch8). Marta graduated from the Codarts Circus department in 2016, and besides working for other companies (Arch8, Het Houten Huis, Cie Woest) Marta and Kim have been busy creating their own work.

Since 2017 they have been in collaboration with Dansateliers in Rotterdam, while also maintaining connections in the North of Norway through Dansearena Nord and the Arctic Arts Festival. Their performance ENGEL won the BNG Bank Dansprijs 2018, and got selected for Aerowaves Twenty19. It has performed more then 70 times all around the world. Marta and Kim also got nominated for the Price of the Nederlandse Dansdagen 2019, and got selected for a Nieuwe Makers Regeling trajectory 2020-2022 together with partners Festival Circolo and Dansateliers.