dr. JJL (Jeroen) Candel MA

dr. JJL (Jeroen) Candel MA

Universitair hoofddocent

Jeroen Candel finished a bachelor in Public Administration and Organisational Science and a master in Public Governance (cum laude) at Utrecht University before completing his PhD research entitled 'Putting food on the table: the European Union governance of the wicked problem of food security' at the Public Administration and Policy Group in April 2016. He currently works as associate professor at the PAP group.

Jeroen is passionate about teaching and conducting research on the question of how to steer food systems towards more sustainable outcomes. His research is situated on the interface of the Policy Sciences and Food Systems research. Specific themes that he studies and teaches include:

- Innovative forms of food policy, including the emergence of urban food policy, national food strategies, food democracy arrangements and the EU's Farm-to-Fork Strategy;
- Food and nutrition security governance;
- Agricultural policy, such as the EU's Common Agricultural Policy and ambitions to realize a system of 'circular agriculture';
- Public policy theory, including theories on EU policymaking, policy integration, policy styles and framing.

Jeroen coordinates and teaches courses on Food Politics and European Union governance. Beside his academic roles, he engages closely with policymakers and societal actors to provide suggestions for improved food governance. He is member of the Dutch Council on Animal Affairs and member of the supervisory board of the Transitiecoalitie Voedsel (Transition Coalition Food).

Contact: jeroen.candel[at]wur.nl