ir. ECLJ (Edwin) van der Maden

ir. ECLJ (Edwin) van der Maden

Adviser & Project Manager Horticulture

Edwin is a system thinker, with a background in agronomy and an MSc in Plant Sciences, Crop Science from the Wageningen University. He has over 10 years of professional experience in the international agricultural sector, working as a programme manager, advisor, researcher, trainer, course coordinator and consultant on various themes.

His curious nature, broad expertise, and flexible attitude makes him a transdisciplinary person with the capacity to work in complex and challenging contexts and in multidisciplinary projects and teams. He is able to combine both theoretical and practical knowledge in the food systems domain, designing and implementing both conceptual and applied approaches.

His professional life has taken him so far to India, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Kenya, Indonesia, Ghana, Jordan, Nepal and Rwanda.

At the Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation Edwin is working as Advisor & Programme Manager Agriculture Sector Transformation.

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