dr.ir. JD (Jaime) Hoogesteger van Dijk MSc

dr.ir. JD (Jaime) Hoogesteger van Dijk MSc

Associate Professor Water Commons and Collectives

My main research interests revolve around the themes of water commons, water collectives and co-governance arrangements. I approach these from an interdisciplinary perspective. I am greatly inspired by -and have been contributiong to- notions of political ecology and related concerns for socio-environmental justice. My interdisciplinary research has focused mainly on water policies, governmentalites, irrigation, community based natural resource management, grassroots movements and livelihoods in the rural worlds of Ecuador, Mexico, Spain and more recently the Netherlands.

Currently I am coordinating the NWO funded project "Upscaling private and collective water storage in the Netherlands", and am part of the riverhood/river commons project

I currently (co) supervise the PhD trajectories  

Britt Basel on community based managed aquifer recharge in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Carlota Silva Houart on water justice, multispecies justice and Rights of Nature as applied to rivers in The Netherlands and Ecuador.

Catalina Rey Hernandez on designs and counterdesigns in river restauration and defence initatives in The Netherlands and Ecuador. 

Lars de Graaff on the socio-hydrology of farmer based water storage in the Netherlands.

Mohamed Tawfik on the politics of wastewater re-use in Egypt and Jordan.

Rossana Manosalvas on the contested nature of 'nature & water' in the Ecuadorian Highlands. 

and the post-doc trajectory

Roos de Adelhart Toorop on developing productive science-policy-stakeholder interactions for upscaling private and collective water storage in the Netherlands. 

I warmly welcome students interested on working in these areas of research. Just send me an e-mail (jaime.hoogesteger@wur.nl).

Below a video on my research on agro-export, groundwater governance and rural livelihoods in the state of Guanajuato, Central Mexico.