dr.ir. C (Kees) Lokhorst

dr.ir. C (Kees) Lokhorst

Senior Onderzoeker Smart Farming en Robotica

Kees Lokhorst (PhD, MsC; male, H-index: 11) is senior scientist and specialized in Precision Livestock Farming, Robotics. He coordinates the agROBOfood project and is the coordinator of the Dutch agrifoodTEF. 

Precision Livestock and Smart Farming within Wageningen Livestock Research is coordinated and stimulated by Dr. ir. Kees Lokhorst. He is involved in several national and international research projects (e.g. WASP, BioBusiness, EU-PLF, IoF2020, ERANET ICT Agri, 4D4F, EIP focus group on mainstreaming precision agriculture, Smart Dairy Farming) concerning transition processes in (animal) farming systems. Research is focused on the possibilities of ICT and sensor information to support farmers in their daily management. Developing, testing, implementation and socio-economic consequences of knowledge intensive systems was studied in various application areas and farming systems. He has experience in managing projects and groups and has worked in several sectors. He actively contributed to the organization of national and international conferences. From 2014 till 2019 he was also professor Herd Management and Smart Dairy farming at Van Hall Larenstein university for applied science and he wrote the book ‘An Introduction to Smart Dairy Farming (https://doi.org/10.31715/20181). 

Currently he is stimulating the uptake of ROBOTICS in the Wageningen Livestock environment. He coordinates the EU project agROBOfood that builds a pan-European network of Digital Innovation Hubs. www.agrobofood.eu  and he coordinates the Dutch Satellite in the agrifoodTEF project that works on Testing and Experimenting Facilities for AI and Robotic solutions in the agricultural domain www.agrifoodtef.eu 

Member of the Wageningen Agro Food Robotics group