VM (Violet) Ross MSc

VM (Violet) Ross MSc


Violet is a PhD candidate in the Environmental Policy and Law Groups. She has an interdisciplinary background, obtaining a joint honors BA in history and Chinese language at the University of Leeds and an MSc in environmental sciences at Imperial College London. She has experience working in environmental data disclosure for a Beijing-based NGO and environmental impact assessment in London.

Her PhD project looks to deepen understanding of the legislative and policy approaches being used to develop a circular economy. Through a case study of single-use plastics in EU legislation, the main focus areas for her project are

  • How reflexive law techniques for autonomy, accountability and adjustability can be identified in any legislative act  
  • Responses of regulated companies to reflexive drivers in environmental legislation 
  • The role of reflexive environmental law in the circular plastics transition


As an interdisciplinary researcher with strong project management experience, Violet enjoys engaging with different research methods, disciplines and collaborating with a variety of stakeholders to achieve a holistic approach to a topic. Her areas of expertise are waste management, circular economy policy and environmental and administrative law. 

For questions, feel free to send an e-mail at Violet.Ross@wur.nl.