Postdoc project Katrine Soma (Informational governance for sustainability)

Katrine Soma is a post-doctoral researcher participating in the strategic Wageningen IPOP Research Program "Informational Governance for Sustainability", at programme level. Given the rapid developments of different types of new information technologies, information networks and social media around the world, societies are increasingly affected. Governance through information in the Information Age is the main focus of this interdisciplinary program.

Informational governance refers to the idea that information and information technologies are fundamentally restructuring processes, institutions and practices of governance. Working on informational governance issues related with agro-food and environment, a total of 14 research projects, including 6 PhD projects at Wageningen University, and 8 research projects carried out mainly by Alterra and LEI, are contributing to this programme.

Four main themes are investigated: 1) The practice of informational governance across scales; 2) Contested processes of information use and provision; 3) How information enhances the capacity of local communities to govern their common pool resources; and 4) Role and potential of new information systems in science and governance. In addition to research and writing of articles, a series of activities are carried out, including coffee meetings,  lunch workshops with internal and external speakers, and 2-day workshops.