SLAM - Strategic regulation of learning through Learning Analytics and Mobile clouds for individual and collaborative learning success

SLAM project harnesses advanced technologies to enhance strategic regulation of individual and collaborative learning.

With the advancing technologies, the project utilizes new ways to use intelligent tools to analyze and visualize what is learnt and how it is learnt. It builds on self-regulated learning theory augmented by recent advances in socially shared regulation of learning. In particular, the research develops new methods and tools to explore the potential of Learning Analytics (LA) and mobile cloud technology to gather, analyze and make available in a useful form the unprecedented amount of data that learners generate. The objectives are (1) to make  situational characteristics, that determine the success of individual, collaborative and collective learning, visible (2) to find evidence for and representations of critical phases of students’ strategic regulation of learning, (3) to strengthen the cognitive, motivational and emotional characteristics of successful self- and shared regulation of learning by implementing LA in mobile clouds using available technologies and (4) to design LA interfaces and dashboards to provide awareness for regulating learning for a) individual students, b) groups of students and c) teachers to support learning.

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