D6.4 Report n°1 on the ’One Health’ Summer School (Y2) : WP6: education and training

del Rio Vilas, Viktor; La Ragione, Roberto; Basu, Piyali S.; Passey, Jade; Horton, Dan; van der Poel, Wim; Morga, Dilys


The One Health concept recognises that human health is tightly connected to animals and the environment. Multiple reports have highlighted the need for ‘One Health’ interventions towards the delivery of better health outcomes across each of the health domains. In other words, One Health actions must contribute value over and above the status-quo traditionally characterised by isolated or domain-specific approaches. However, One Health operationalisation, or the identification of concrete actions to implement the One Health concept, remains a challenge. The mechanisms to support a value-driven and efficient One Health operationalisation was at the centre of our summer school in 2019. This event was hosted and organised by the University of Surrey from 19th-30th August 2019 hosting 20 delegates from across the globe.