Ontwikkeling van enkele mosselbanken in de Nederlandse Waddenzee, situatie 2014

Fey-Hofstede, F.E.; Dankers, N.M.J.A.; Meijboom, A.; Sonneveld, C.; Verdaat, J.P.; Bakker, A.G.; Dijkman, E.M.; Cremer, J.S.M.


IMARES Wageningen UR is studying the long-term development of a number of individual mussel beds in the Dutch part of the Wadden Sea, and trying to identify the characteristics that determine the survival of such beds. The study is being carried out in the context of the WOT theme of ‘Nature Information Infrastructure’. The present report presents the 2014 situation. The annual reports of this multi-year project include interim results with yearly additions. The results of the annual mapping and population survey provide a picture of the development of the mussel beds over a large number of years. The results so far show that the mussel beds tend to gradually decrease in size, coverage and population density after the year in which they come into existence.